Dad! What Did You Forget???


Good Morning! Hope all is well with you today.

We actually made time for a campfire last night. Norm’s Dr. visit didn’t run as long as we figured it would and we got back in time to have a campfire. Of course I had made a pot of coffee in the Kodiak so we didn’t have campfire coffee but that was okay. Norm had just come out of the Kodiak and was looking at the weather on his phone and Lily was waiting to see if he had remembered a TREAT for her. She is of the opinion that if you go into the Kodiak you are to bring her out some form of tribute before you are allowed to sit back down. She looked so cute and Norm was so into his phone I just couldn’t resist getting their picture. Later we put Lily inside and we enjoyed the campfire until the Mosquitoes drove us in. Hey we even had the fan on and though it took care of the bugs it made us cold! Time to call it a night!

Today is the Dentist and our Primary Care Doctor visits. We are slowly marking off things on our To Do list. We are also making our Dr. appointments for next October and that means always checking the calendar to be sure we have the right dates and times. Today will be challenging as I will be checking to make sure we have all of the paperwork for all the tests the Dr. will want us to have before we see her next October. It’s going to be less Stressful to do those tests next year if I have anything to say about it! In other words I am going to have the test orders in my Hot Little Hand before I leave the Office today!!!!!

We are enjoying Blue Springs SP here in Orange City, Florida only wish we had more time to explore the park. It’s been since 2013 that we have camped here. We were able to explore then and I am sure a lot of things have changed since we were here last. Our campsite is nice and not to hard to get into. So we are pleased to be here and it’s close to our Children and Grandchildren and that is always a plus. Maybe next time we camp here we can explore the park.

Well I need to jump in the shower and get this day rolling forward but first a cup of coffee and devotions. Then a Lily walk before we head out.

Hope everyone has a Special Thursday filled with Splendid Ideas an lots of Love and Laughter.


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