Hum!!! Can He Do It????


Good Morning!

Hope this finds you doing well.

I took this picture last week at Ochlockonee River SP. Norm was watching the couple across the way attempt to park their 40 plus foot 5th Wheel in their site. He stood there for what seemed like forever. He kept saying he’s pulling it out again and trying to park again and she’s yelling at him again. I was busy putting stuff in the truck so I wasn’t paying that much attention until he said that. Then I just LISTENED to the Wife and low and behold she sounded just like ME when we are trying to park the Kodiak some of the time. Other times it’s real easy and 1-2-3 we’re parked but others are a massive bout of miscommunication! He came in later and told me they finally got it in there. Then another one arrived and it started all over again but this time Norm was busy and didn’t watch them. We have found there is always some form of entertainment around you. You just have to look for it. People watching is one of the best forms of entertainment there is and it’s FREE!

We are done with the Eye Dr. and Norm’s getting new glasses and they should be in on the 30th. I was Blessed as I now only need to wear a contact in my Left Eye. Also I didn’t need to change my glasses at all. That was wonderful to hear and I am very grateful. Then we went to Brunch at Denny’s. Afterwards we came home and did some rearranging of storage in the truck and under the bed. Now my shoes and purses are under the bed and that makes me Very Happy. Also redid my closet. Then I did some Halloween and Harvest decorating. Today I may try and finish that. We will see.

Today we have an appointment at 9 and Norm has a Dr. apt. this afternoon so it’s another busy day. I figure I need to get moving or I’ll make us late and that I would NEVER live down!

Hope everyone has a Winsome Wonderful Wednesday fill with Lollipops and Roses.


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