No Time!


Good Morning!

Hope you are doing well this morning.

Today we are off to the Eye Doctor for our yearly visit. Norm wears glasses and he needs new ones because the ones he got he isn’t wearing because of all the scratches and nicks that are on them and yes he got the scratch resistant ones. I am planning to get my contacts and this time a new pair of glasses. There are a few days I don’t want to bother with the contacts. So we will see how this visit goes. This is at the local Walmart and I can then pick up some eggs and look for a pair of sandals to wear with my Halloween costume. One stop shopping. We are also going out to breakfast. YUM!!!

The locker visit was a success and we were only there about a hour and a half. So that went well. Though there were two containers I left I needed somethings out of. Oh well we are going back on Friday to return some containers and then we can get what we need that we left behind. When we went through the container of plaster and took out what we wanted to paint.  I had forgotten what we had saved and thought I had saved a couple of things I didn’t. That’s fine I took out some plaques to paint for the Kodiak and Norm took out what he wants to paint too. So when the cold and rainy days come we are ready. 🙂

Norm off loaded our wood into our blue cart and we have plenty for several campfires Only we don’t have the time to do them! We have so much going on and new things are being added daily that we are booked solid and when we get home we are to tired to even think about a Campfire. Walking our Lily is all we seem able to do. We are enjoying visiting everyone but the Doctor visits and the Vet visit are a HUGE chunk of our allotted time here. Don’t get me wrong we are very grateful that we are able to cram all of this into a 2 week time frame. We just get tired and long for a Campfire and some time to relax. That will come at the next park along with some chores we have put off till we get there. Looking forward to it. 🙂

Well I need to get a move on as our day is quite full and Lily will need a walk soon.

Oh Mom’s trashcan did make it out to the street today and we will see how long it takes for it to get back to the house. Believe me she will keep me informed. 🙂

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Tuesday filled with Hope.


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