Tower Time!


Good Morning!

Hope this finds you doing well today.

Yes it’s Monday again and we are heading to the locker later to organize it and bring some of it back with us. We are deciding on what Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations we will use this year and what we will take with us next year. Moving our Craft Supplies around then deciding what we want to bring with us next year is on our agenda too. This may take longer than we think but that seems normal for us. Wish us luck.

Coffee tastes extra good today and that means I’ll be drinking a lot of it.

On the way here I was able to get a few pictures of a couple of Fire Watch Towers and boy do they bring back the memories. My Dad worked for the Forest Service until he retired. He’s been gone a number of years now but I still remember him being up on one of those towers. During Fire Season he was rarely home and we would go to the tower so my Mom could take him food and coffee. She would climb that 100 foot ladder to the top to take it to him as he couldn’t come down to us. I would sit in the car and do my homework by the dashboard light as no other lights could be on when he was checking for fires. We did this a lot during my childhood. As you can see this tower has stairs but the one my Dad was on in Missouri had a straight up ladder. I tried to climb it once. I believe I made it up 5 rungs and discovered I am afraid of heights!!! I smile when I remember this. A very warm memory of my Dad and Mom.

We did get to take our oldest daughter and her family out to lunch yesterday. The food was very good, the frozen custard even better but the love and conversations were priceless and a memory we will carry with us forever. Then we loaded up the Ford and headed home to Lily.

Norm put up our new Halloween Decoration yesterday and we tried on our costumes. Hum wonder what they are. That’s for another post closer to Halloween.

Here’s to everyone wishing you a Splendid Monday filled with Hope and Joy.


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