Hey Dad, Do You Need My Help?


Good Morning! Hope this finds everyone doing well this morning.

I guess Lily was getting anxious to get moving and she decided to check  on Norm’s progress with putting the awning in and the steps up. When she was satisfied that he had it covered she laid down. I guess she was ready to leave Henderson Beach and Journey On to another park that she could explore with out getting sand burs in her paws. She’s been quite Happy with the rest of the parks and she likes this one too. We took her on a walk last evening and she had to be carried home she was sooooo tired. Norm carried her and she was a very happy pup.

Best Laid Plans: Our plans were changed yesterday as our son was ill and couldn’t go to dinner and our oldest daughter had something come up and couldn’t make it so we went to dinner with our youngest daughter and her family. We had a very enjoyable dinner with them. It was good to see them and the boys have grown so much. Time flies for sure. So we will catch up with the others and take them out to lunch or dinner while we are here. 🙂

Today is a World Market visit for WINE! My wine rack has some empty spaces I need to fill and we like the wines they carry.  🙂  Then it’s off to Winter Springs to pick up our stuff and maybe take them out to lunch. We will see. So we have a busy exciting day ahead.

Right after we got here and were setting up our campsite the Campground Host stopped by to tell us the Dump Station was not working. The storm’s rain had caused a clog or something and they were working on it and hoped to get it fixed. We’ve been by there since and it’s not closed off so we are hoping it’s been repaired. If we see the Campground Host we will ask him about it. Awe the RV Life!

Mom’s having rain and that makes her Happy. We had a short conversation as she was waiting for my brother to call. She told me that after that she’s going to take a nap. I hope she has a good one. She’s earned the right to nap when ever she wants. 🙂

Well I need to get moving. Hope everyone has an Amazing Sunday filled with Peace and Love.


















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