Orange City! Here We Come!


Good Morning!

Hope this finds you well and enjoying life.

We are very excited as we head out today. Our Journey is taking us back to where our Adventures began. We will be staying at Blue Springs SP which is only 10 minutes from where we used to live and 5 minutes from our youngest daughter. We have 4 of our 5 children and 8 of our 9 grandchildren living in Florida. So you can just imagine how excited and happy we are to see all of them. We are all smiles! 🙂

Yesterday all morning we waited for the Park to decide if they were going to close the park or not. They decided to not close and that’s a good thing for all who are here and those who were coming in. A lot of hunters were do in Friday evening and Hunting Season begins today. We met one of the coordinators of this hunting event that will be going on today. He and  his wife own a Tiny House and that is what he brought. He said they live near here and his wife decide she was staying home. I can’t say I blame her for that. Hunters and the one that got away make for great campfire stories! HUM!

With all the rain and wind that was predicted for Friday we went ahead and hitched the Ford to the Kodiak. So this morning we only have a few things to do before we can pull out.  Thank you Nestor for a rainy and windy Journey to our next Adventure. I am praying we have a safe and enjoyable Journey there.  I need to get moving so we can attempt to leave on time today. I need coffee and Lily needs her walk before we pull out.

Hope everyone has a Super Saturday filled with Sunshine and Rainbows.


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