A Tropical Storm Is Coming!


Good Morning! Hope this finds you well.

Today is laundry day. We are also going to hitch the Ford to the Kodiak. We have been getting Tropical Storm Warnings and we decided that hitching in the rain and wind isn’t a pleasant thought. The winds maybe in the 30 mph range and so Norm has tied down our awning just in case. We met a gentleman at the bathhouse that is concerned because they warned him when he checked in that he could be ask to leave if the storm came in harder than expected. So it is a wait and see. We have been through a Tropical Storm before in the Kodiak and we did okay. We also went through Hurricane Michael last year. It came in above where we were camping so we only had to deal with the wind and rain. We are so very grateful that all went well for us. We were Blessed!

So I have laundry going and we are getting ready to have a quick and easy breakfast. Then I’ll head back up to do more laundry. Afterwards I will be packing as we are Journeying On tomorrow to Blue Springs SP and we are very excited! We get to see our kids and grand kids. So I am happy to get packing!

I need coffee so I am heading to the coffee pot for a refill.

Hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday filled with Peace and Joy.


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