It’s All Part Of The Adventure!


Good Morning! Hope this finds you doing well.

We arrived yesterday afternoon and we had a most pleasant drive. Well there was a few spots of Road Work going on and it would be a one lane situation with a flag person. This is just part of the Adventure to us. We have seen a lot of Road Work during our Journeys and though it maybe inconvenient at the time, we are glad to see they are taking care of their highways. We have been on many roads and interstates that are in need of repair. So to stop for a few minutes really isn’t all that bad. I’d rather have that than the holes and rough pavement. Also it’s jobs for so many people and that is a very good thing.

Today a few errands and then back home to Lily. Tomorrow is laundry day and that isn’t a chore I am fond of. It’s right up there with cleaning the bathroom, oven, fridge and freezer. I’ll go up to the bathhouse and stay till I get it done. It’s quite a walk from our campsite so I’ll use the wagon as transport. When we were here before we were camped right by the bathhouse. We had forgotten these sites have a sewer on site and are a 30/50 amp campsites. So we have an awesome campsite with full hookups. I could see us spending 2 weeks here in the future.

Well I need coffee and then it’s Lily walk time. Hope everyone has an Amazing Thursday filled with Health and Happiness.


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