It’s Been Fun!


Good Morning!

Hope this finds you well with a spring in your step today.

Today we are Journeying On to Suwannee River SP. We have been there many times and we look forward to going back for a couple of days. We have enjoyed our stay here at Ochlockonee River SP. Even though getting our rig in the site took us 9 tries we do like this nice shady site. We have discovered a better way to come into this camping area that would make it so much easier to get into our site. We will be sure to come back in the future to bike the trail and see the wildlife and maybe we will be Blessed again to see the white squirrel,white deer and a gator. Who knows what the future holds. It’s always an Adventure.

So today we are Journeying On and I do know that laundry is on my To Do List for this park. Clean Clothes are a must and I really want to get our beach gear back in it’s container in the F350. I am tired of moving it.

We are looking forward to a hike and some relaxing time as this will be our last recharge of our batteries till after Blue Springs SP. Our days and evenings there are chock full of things to do and people to see and celebrations to attend. We can’t wait to see our kids and grandkids. Let the FUN begin!

So I need to get off of here and get moving. Last minute things to do and pack then we can get on the road. We’ll stop at the dump station on our way out. I am glad we only have a 2 hour drive and I pray we journey safely.

Hope all of you have a Wonderful Wednesday filled with Peace and Love.


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