Another Beautiful Day


Good Morning!

Hope this finds everyone doing well this morning.

Yesterday we rode our bikes in the morning and then it was onto chores. We only had a few and Norm’s main one was emptying of our black and grey water tanks. I couldn’t resist taking a couple of pictures of him and the Blue Pooper as we call it. We loaded the bikes and sometimes they go up easy and sometimes they don’t. This was a “don’t” time!  Knight and Zoe seem to enjoy us struggling to get them on that bike wing! Hey we did it and they are up there safe and sound. Norm covered them and then moved onto getting the screen room down and stored. Lily and I watched from the comfort of our chairs under the awning! It was great entertainment for us and the squirrels. After all the chores, mine being treating the tanks and cleaning the bathroom, we relaxed outside for the rest of the day. Then we had a campfire and more delicious campfire coffee and then we were ready to call it a day. Our days begin around 6 am as Lily doesn’t normally sleep in. Today was an exception as we slept till 6:15. That was a shocker! Guess she was comfy.

I talked to my Mom this morning but our conversation was short and sweet.  She had to get her trash to the outside trashcan for whomever will take the trashcan to the street. She becomes obsessed with this because she can’t do it herself for fear of falling again. She has fallen to many times and she promised my brother that she’d let someone else do it for her. Now she stresses over it every Tuesday. She’s on Central Time and I am on Eastern Time. It was 5:30 am Central Time when I was talking to her and she had to get off the phone to take her trash out to the can so that it could be taken to the street. You can’t visit with her as her mind is on that TRASHCAN and will be all day. I will get the full details tomorrow about that Trashcan! It will be a Large Mug Of Coffee conversation for sure! Gotta Love Her though 97 and still lives alone. She likes it that way.

Today is pack as much as we can day. For Norm that will be the outside and we need it done before Noon as we are suppose to get rain. For me that means most of it will be done this evening after showers as I need to pack the shower stall. Yes I use our shower stall as storage when we travel. We maybe hitching in the rain tomorrow. I am hoping that we don’t have to as it makes things harder and for sure wetter! Time will tell.

I need more coffee as my cup is almost empty  so a trip to the coffee pot is next on my agenda. Hope all of you have a Fantastic Tuesday filled with a lot of Good Cheer.



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