It’s Campfire Coffee Time!!!


Good Morning!

Hope everyone is having a good day. We had a pleasant day yesterday. We set out in the screen room most of the day. A very relaxing Sunday.

Our young neighbor next door to us suggested we come and get their wood when they left to go home. He even split the wood for us. So Norm went over and got the wood and the young man waved at him from another campsite where a part of their group was camping. He really wanted us to have that wood and Norm waved back to let him know we got it. A very nice family. They are teaching their children to respect other people’s campsites and to not play in them. Over the years we have met so many adults and children who don’t seem to understand or even care about camping manners. We made sure our children learned them early on and we never had any issues with them playing or going into someone’s campsite without permission. Hats off to this couple and the grandparents for teaching their children and grandchildren camping manners.

On our evening trail ride we saw a couple of deer and then a small gator at Mirror Lake. It looked like a baby one to us and you know where Baby is Mom is not far away. We didn’t see Mom though and maybe that was a good thing. On our way back to camp we did see the white deer in the field but she was to far away for pictures or video. So we just enjoyed watching her from afar. At camp earlier in the day a White Squirrel and a Grey one came to visit us. Once Lily jumped off her stool and ran at the screen trying to get to them. We were glad we had the door of the screen room zipped shut or that would not have been a pleasant encounter and we would have been looking for a vet for Miss Lily! Gotta Love the cheeky wildlife here!

We enjoyed Campfire Coffee and Hot Dogs roasted over the open flame for dinner. Delicious!!! Yes, Lily got her share of that too. Later she wanted to go back in the RV. She had enough of this campfire stuff. So I took her in and she was happy.

This morning we are going for a bike ride along the road and then back to camp to put the bikes and screen room up. We may have rain Tuesday and Wednesday and we don’t want to pack the screen room wet or put the bikes up in the rain. It’s not a pleasant chore when you’re getting soaked doing it. Hitching in the rain is hard enough and setting up is too. So we try to do as much as we can before it rains.

Well I need to get moving. I need coffee and Lily will need her walk soon. Hope everyone has an Amazing Monday filled with Beautiful Moments.



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