Me and My Shadow


Good Morning!

Hope this finds you doing well today.

We had an enjoyable Saturday. Norm and I went on two bike rides and each time we did see some deer and a few brown squirrels. The sand is hard to bike through in a few places on the trail but for the most part it wasn’t bad. Good exercise for us and we needed that.  On our second bike ride of the day we again stopped at Mirror Lake. We were hoping to see what was using this area by the viewing deck as a bed. Norm and I figure it might be a gator and we were hoping to get some pictures of it, if it was there. It wasn’t there so no pictures for us. I did take some pictures though and I thought I was just getting the pretty flowers with Norm and the Lake in the background and low and behold there was my Shadow joining in. I kind of liked the picture so here it is. After we finished riding the trail we decided to head over to the boat ramp and see if there was any wildlife there. Were we ever glad we did because we got to see a WHITE Deer! We have never seen a white deer before and here was one. We were truly Blessed! So Norm took pictures and I videoed the white deer until it roamed off and we headed back to camp and again we were Blessed. We saw at least 6 deer and then down the road a ways we saw a Buck. What an amazing day! We headed home to the Lily filled with JOY!

Today being Sunday we will see a mass exodus of campers from the park. Most are just here this week-end for a family/friend camp out. We discovered yesterday that the little dog next door likes to bark. It doesn’t matter if there are people in camp or not. I guess it likes the sound of it’s own voice. It can get annoying when you can hear it inside your RV and it doesn’t stop.

We are planning an easy day today. Norm, Lily and I are going to enjoy the screen room this morning and then later today go for another bike ride. It should be a most pleasant way to spend the day.

First I need more coffee and to have my devotions. Then Lily a Lily walk and breakfast before we head outside.

Hope you have a Peaceful Sunday filled with Love,Understanding and Hope.




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