Deer Crossing!


Good Morning!

Hope this finds you doing well this morning. Yesterday we did get the grocery shopping done and it was the first time we had a checker at Walmart texting while doing her job and making the customers wait till she was done. The work ethic any more baffles me. As far as I can see there is often No work ethic.  That’s sad since most places make a big deal about their friendly and helpful service. I felt sorry for the elderly gentleman in front of me. She didn’t do it when it was my turn. Thank heavens!

We did get the bikes down and took a ride down to the picnic area and on our way back we saw the elusive White Squirrel and Norm was able to get it’s picture. I will say it was a cheeky thing! The other day on our way back in the park we saw this deer on the side of the road and it decided we needed to STOP so it could leisurely walk across the road. Of course I couldn’t get my phone to cooperate so I could get it’s picture until it was gone. User Error I guess! Me and tech don’t go together very well!!!!!

Today  we are riding our bikes on the hiking/biking/vehicle trail and we hope to see some wildlife. This is the one trail you can drive on. We’ve done this trail before and we’re excited to do it again.

Well the shower is calling my name and I must answer it. Hope all of you have an Amazing Saturday filled with Fun and Family and Friends.



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