Time Passes


Good Morning!

Hope your day is going well. Today is Grocery Day for us. Not my most favorite type of shopping but as we all know we have to do it if we want to eat. So Walmart here I come!

Time passes and as we’ve traveled this year we have seen the remains of what time, Mother Nature and the elements can do. We’ve been on a lot of secondary highways in a lot of states and we are always noticing these old worn down buildings. I often wonder just what were they used for. Were they a home, a business, a barn. Then I begin to wonder what happened to them that they were abandoned and left to rot away. It’s sad to see this. It’s everywhere we’ve been cities, large and small towns and just along the roads we’ve traveled. When I see these buildings I wonder why a lot of them haven’t been demolished instead of just letting them rot away. I guess I will never know and maybe that’s a good thing.

Okay we are back under pine trees and you know what that means an upset Lily. She’s already headed to her safe spot in the bed room. Poor pup she hates it when things drop on our roof. It’ll be a long day for her and us.

We did get our blood work done and I for one am glad that is over. The poor tech was so upset she had to poke me 3 times to get enough to fill the 4 tubes she needed. She’s a wonderful tech and I wish all of them were like her. Then we had a Steak-n-Shake breakfast and that was an Adventure just getting into their parking lot. Then back home for a relaxing(for me and Lily) afternoon while Norm took some pictures and worked on a few other things he has going on.

Mom has had a lot of rain and she is very happy about that and that she also got her laundry done. 🙂

Well I need to get moving. My coffee cup is empty and I need a refill badly. Hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday filled with Hope and Joy.




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