This Is The Life!


Good Morning!

Yeah, the Mobile RV Techs are coming this afternoon to repair our Living room slide. They called yesterday and the parts are in and they are ready to do the repairs. We were at the beach when they called. We were enjoying the sun and sand. I can’t say we enjoyed the water as the RED flags were up again. The waves were choppy but it didn’t seem as bad as the day before. The smell wasn’t as bad either. A very enjoyable afternoon at the beach.

Okay please tell me why Miss Google will send you to the Home Depot that is 30 minutes away instead of the one that is 7 minutes away. That happened to us yesterday. When we went to Publix for Chicken we found a Home Depot right down the road from there. The Publix is 7 minutes from where we are staying. We are still baffled by that. The chicken was delicious! I did freeze part of it so we can have it at a later date. Burgers tonight I think.

Norm and Lily went for an early morning walk. She’s getting where she wants to go earlier and earlier each day. We haven’t figured out why yet. Maybe it’s cooler and more comfortable for her. She does need a Spa day. That will be at Fi Fi’s in Debary. We are looking forward to seeing her original groomers again.

Today is Pack Down Day! We may not be able to visit the beach again today. That’s okay we need to get things done here. First after breakfast is putting up the bikes. We didn’t put out much this time and that makes packing a whole lot easier.

Well I need to get moving or I will never get anything done today. Hope everyone has an Amazing Tuesday filled with Lollipops and Rainbows.





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