A Stinky Day At The Beach!!!


Good Morning!

Yes, the Ocean didn’t smell of Sea Water and Brine yesterday it smelt like our Grey Water tank on a bad day with no chemicals in it! Of course we had a balmy breeze that made being at the beach extra wonderful, however there were these 2 RED Flags flying that said don’t go in the water. Of course that Wonderful Breeze also brought the SMELL in and there was no getting away from that. Clothes Pins anyone! I didn’t have one so we just endured the smell. We stayed and enjoyed the views of the waves and the tiny boats on the horizon. Being that it was a Sunday we had a lot of People, Birds and crab watching to occupy our time. The most enjoyable was watching the Little Crab that was doing some House Cleaning right by us. Trying to get that Crabs picture became a game to us. I still don’t know if Norm got one. That Crab was fast to get back in it’s hole. Smart as there were a lot of birds around who would have enjoyed a Crab lunch!

Before the beach we did do some video work and I am happy to say I put on full make-up including eyeliner! I rarely use eyeliner or even wear a full face of make-up as the humidity just makes it disappear from my face faster than I put it on and that’s after I have used a sealer too. So I was quite Happy but then I had to take it off to go to the beach. That was okay as we only have 2 days we can enjoy the beach and we want to make the most of it. Tomorrow the Techs will be here to fix our Living Room Slide.

After the beach we took Miss Lily for her walk and we needed to take the trash to the dumpster and when we got close Miss Lily took a stand in the middle of the road and Would Not Move! We waited there for Norm and when he came back she PRANCED all the way back to camp! Guess she showed us who’s BOSS!!! Then Norm BBQ’d pork steaks for dinner and they were delicious as always. Later it was showers and some U-Tube then it was snooze time. A Great Sunday we hated to see it come to a close.

My Mom is having a rough couple of days. My brother told me this and mom just said they have been strange. Not sure what that means but maybe she will let it slip in another conversation. Praying she’s doing okay.

Well today after a phone call to the Dr.’s office we have some errands to do then it’s Beach Time. Hope it smells better than yesterday. Got to work on my tan.

Hope everyone has an Amazing Monday filled with Health and Happiness.


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