A Relaxing Pup!


Good Morning!

Yes our Lily is relaxing. She had a rough day what with the Mobile RV Techs showing up and the slide going in and out and popping and banging as it did. That made her a nervous wreck as well as having new people in her home. She decided it was time to kick back and snooze. Of course she would have liked it better if I had moved so she could have had the whole chair! So not happening Lily! 🙂

Norm did call the RV Tech place yesterday morning to find out we had not been put on the Friday schedule. They aren’t sure why that happened but they did come out yesterday afternoon and found out what was wrong with our slide. So the parts have been ordered and are do in on Monday and they will be here Tuesday to repair our slide. With that being the case we canceled our blood pull and moved it to another location closer to the park we are moving to on Wednesday and since I have to call Monday any way to get my paperwork sent to them it’s all good. We get our slide repaired and our blood work done two weeks before our Dr. Apt. as requested. 🙂

We’ve been blessed and today we have some video work to do and then a trip down to the BEACH for some fun time. We did take our bikes down yesterday and we were able to go for a short bike ride. Hot but Fun!

It’s time for my devotions and then taking Lily for her morning walk so I had better get a move on.

Hope everyone has a Peaceful Sunday filled with Joy.



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