Good Morning!

The challenges of being on the road are different from the challenges of a sticks and bricks home yet a lot of them are the same. Yesterday was a wash as the Mobile RV Techs never came. We are hoping they come today. That puts a hold on some of the things we wanted to do today just like it would if you had a house and you’re waiting for a repairman. Waiting is a hard thing to do when the BEACH is calling you and you can’t answer. Oh well we will get the bikes down today as we didn’t get that done yesterday. Instead of getting the bikes down we went to the beach. Worked for me! 🙂

One of the many challenges we are facing is getting our blood work done before our Dr. visit. So with all the mishaps with not having my paperwork with me and so on we are scheduled for Tuesday of next week for a blood pull. I now have to call the Dr. office for the 4th time to have them send my paperwork to the office where we are getting our blood work done. Also Norm had a heck of a time using the Automated system at Quest to set up our appointments. It was a mess but he was finally able to get us in. Only it’s late in the morning and these are fasting labs so that means we will be going out for brunch afterwards.  I know for sure I will double and triple check the papers I receive at the Dr. office before I leave to make sure I have all our paperwork! I do not want a repeat of this ever again!!!

Henderson Beach S.P. is nice and like we remembered it. The beach area is very nice and there is a long board walk to get there now it can get hot later in the day if you are walking barefoot on it. I had to stop and put on my flip-flops. Our wagon worked well but still was a challenge to get it across the sand. It took both of us to move it. I have to say it was worth it as the views are stunning. People watching was a fun past time yesterday and I did do some sun bathing. Just wish we were doing it again today. We will see maybe later if we are lucky we can go down for a while this afternoon.

Hope everyone has a Stupendous Saturday filled with Health, Happiness and Love.



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