The Beach and Mobile RV Techs Day


Good Morning!

Hope this finds everyone well. Today we will take down the bikes. Later this week we will take the propane tank in for a refill/exchange. I finally used up one of our tanks. It took many months of cooking to do that. Yeah Me!

We are planning a Beach Morning as later this afternoon the Mobile RV Techs are coming to check out our big slide. This slide is the one that has our theater seating and a row of cabinets in it. It is not going all the way out where the theater seats are so we know somethings not right. I have been hearing noises when I bring it in and put it out and that isn’t uncommon but the last time it was a lot of popping and so on and now this. We are hoping they will have the parts and be able to repair it quickly as we are only here for a week. As you may remember we had our kitchen slide repaired last year and that took 40 days to get it done, do to the person they ordered the parts from ordering the wrong parts. That wasn’t our techs fault and they did an amazing job of fixing it. The price was reasonable too. So fingers crossed all will go well this time.

I have to call the Doctor’s office again today as I never received the e-mail with the papers I need. So that is how I will start my morning. I’ve already called Mom and she really wants it to rain. I think it’s so she doesn’t have to water the birds.

Well I need coffee and I have a few other things to do before we can head to the beach so I need to get moving. Hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday filled with Happiness and Love.


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