Hello Florida!


Good Morning!

Well this Bridge is a long one and I am not a lover of Bridges so going over this one made me a very nervous camper but the view of the ocean was stunning. We were very Happy to get back into Florida where we will winter this year. We came in from Alabama and that part of Northern Florida we had not seen before. We agreed that the area reminded us of the state we had just left, Not a Palm Tree in sight. We didn’t see those till we moved further down in Florida.  We are still on Central Time here. Hum! The park we are staying at is as nice as we remembered it and we had no issues setting up camp. Amazing! Then it was off to the beach where we got some video and pictures. Norm stayed to see the sun set but I came back to camp and had a lovely cup of coffee. Lily was very happy to see me. We had a very pleasant day of Journeying On.

Today I have some phone calls to make to the Dr.’s office and the groomers for Lily. Norm is planning on replacing the waste valve on the Kodiak today. A rock must of hit and cracked it on our travels this year. We have been on a lot of different types of roads and quite a few of them were rocky. There is always something to repair or replace on your traveling home. Now we are having to replace at least one of our Scissor Jacks and we may end up replacing two of them. Norm will order them today and have them shipped to our oldest daughter’s home where we will pick them up along with the 2nd AC unit and a few other things we’ve ordered. RV life is fun and sometimes frustrating but we love it!

Later today is a Walmart run and a fun afternoon at the beach. Got to work on my TAN!!!!!

Hope your Thursday is Beautiful and filled with Kindness and Love.




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