Good-By Alabama! Hello Florida!


Good Morning!

Hope this finds everyone having an amazing Wednesday filled with Love and Good Cheer.

Today we are headed to Florida for the winter. We should arrive at Henderson Beach in about 5 hours. I am bringing a lunch, coffee, Norm’s drinks and Lily’s water and TREATS with us. As you know Lily demands compensation for riding in the back seat for all those miles. She demands her feature comforts like AC and lots of Treats! She will let you know if things are not to her liking. Can we say Spoilt Dog here! 🙂

Well emptying the tanks will be easy as we have a sewer on site. Hopefully this will make getting out of here Quick and Easy or at least Painless for us today.

We are excited about crossing that Florida border and seeing Palm Trees and Sand again. We recounted our states and we have covered 11 states this year. That sounds amazing to me especially when you think we have gone over 18,000 miles too. It’s hard to believe that we are Doing and Living our DREAM!

Our Dream is happening with a few modifications along the way as Life happens and we need to adjust to that on a daily basis. We are so Happy and Grateful for all we are able to do and all the places we have seen and all the people we have been Blessed to meet. It has been an Amazing Journey and a Wonderful Adventure for us. We are looking forward to the future with an open mind on all the things we will be able to see and do. They may not be on our original bucket list but they have been added along the way. Excited to see what 2020 has in store for us as we hang up our Nomad life to stay put in Missouri for awhile. We know that there are a lot of Adventures in Missouri for us to enjoy. Ones we never got around to when we lived there before.

So lets get this Journey back on the Road! Happy Camping!


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