Cotton Fields


Good Morning!

On our Walmart and Fuel run yesterday I was able to get a picture of one of the cotton fields. We’ve seen a lot of these since we arrived in Alabama. I know the in thing now is using the cotton plant in decorating. I’ve seen some really neat creations on Pinterest and U-Tube using cotton. Maybe I’ll give it a try here in the Kodiak. We’ll see.

Our AC has been working overtime and we will be glad to put in our 2nd unit this year. As we will be wintering in Florida and we will still need our AC a lot. Our unit is waiting for us at our daughter’s home and we will pick it up this month. 🙂

Yesterday I had a slight scare. When I called my Mom she didn’t answer her phone. This time I didn’t panic. I know that if she’s in another room she can’t hear the phone and if she does hear it it takes her awhile to answer it. She can’t hurry because she could fall so she has to move slow. So after about 20 minutes of trying to get her I texted my brother and he did get her later and let me know. When I called back she told me she had been asleep and hadn’t heard the phone. I was very relieved as I know she has not been sleeping well and I was glad she got some rest. Today she was up and waiting for my call. However it’s probably because today is Trash Day and she wants to make sure her Trash can gets out to the street and back. She’s not happy that she has to depend on some one else to take care of that for her. They don’t do it like she does it so it frustrates her.

I did make ice cream but I played with the recipe and I will not do that again as it didn’t churn the way it did before. Lesson learned and it still tastes good though.

Pack Down day and Cookie Baking day.  So I need to get moving so I can get it all done.

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Tuesday.


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