Where Does the Time Go?


Good Morning!

Hope your morning is going well. Today we are running a few errands and Norm has decided to give our Ford and Kodiak a much needed bath. I am going to go do a load of laundry later. We had a restful Sunday and it was needed as neither of us is doing great right now. Norm’s allergies and asthma and My sinus have made us just want to sit and do nothing. This year has been the hardest year on my sinus. I just want it to STOP!!!!

Yesterday we texted the kids and grand kids about a date and time to take them out for a family dinner to celebrate their birthdays and so on. We have decided on the date,time and place and we realized that our October is almost completely full. The only down time is when we first get to Florida and then it will be non stop activities till the end of the year! We’re not complaining and we are very excited about all the things we have planned it’s just that TIME seems to be SLIPPING through the HOUR GLASS faster and faster each year and before we know it we will be RINGING in a New Year. So I need to remind myself to stop, take some time to smell the roses, look at the scenery (for me not always for the camera), listen to the birds, enjoy a good book and an extra cup of coffee. To sit by a campfire and dream of tomorrow and pray for a better future for all of us. That is my goals for this Autumn and Winter to be more at Peace with myself and to enjoy each and every day no matter how I feel when I get up in the morning. 🙂

So I need to get moving though I really don’t feel like exercising and I need to but that ‘s another story all together.

Here’s hoping all of you have Prosperous Monday.


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