Good Morning! Hope you are all doing well today.

Anyone remember these? LP’s and 45’s were often playing on my record player when I was a teenager. How far the Music Industry has come. Now it’s I-Tunes and Pandora. When we went to the Pickers Flea Market I noticed this door as soon as we entered the building. I would never have thought of using my old LP’s to cover a door but it sure makes a statement piece of decor. I thought this is a great way to use those scratched LP’s that otherwise you just had to throw away as they were no longer playable. Of course back when I was a teen this wouldn’t have been COOL and Mom wouldn’t have let me put that on my door either! It’s definitely eye catching!

My Mom is very HAPPY this morning she has RAIN! I am very grateful for that. She’s happy she doesn’t have to water the birds.

Today is my at home Spa Day. A day I take care of me! You know paint my nails and so on. Norm’s not sure what he is going to do today. Yesterday we just relaxed in the afternoon in the Kodiak. It is so hot here you sure don’t want to sit outside. So after Noon you only venture out if it’s necessary and even then you hurry back inside. They sure need rain here. Hope they get some after we leave. I prefer to travel in the dry weather. It’s just easier.

Well the coffee cup is running low and I need to get moving so we can take Lily for her walk while it’s still cool.

Hope everyone has a Stupendous Sunday with lots of Love and Laughter.





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