Dinner Time


Good Morning! Looks like it’s going to be a hot day again.

Thanks Marge for these wonderful Pizza Pans. They are amazing and fit perfectly in my Toaster Oven. I used them last night for the first time and now I can’t wait to use them again. I may just have to make some cookies. I am planning on having Norm get my Ice Cream Machine out today and maybe my small crock pot. Making ice cream is on my To Do list for Monday. Now I just have to decide Chocolate or Vanilla!

We enjoyed our breakfast at Stake-n-Shake before we went grocery shopping. Our Grocery Run went okay but I forgot the luncheon meat. I went by my list and I didn’t have that on it. I will try and remember to put EVERYTHING on that list next time! I see a short visit to Walmart in the near future.

Mom is wanting it to rain and I hope it does soon. She was telling me that today.  She did run her dishwasher last night as she was up, so she doesn’t have to do it today. She was happy about that. I call her every morning to talk with her for about 45 minutes before my brother calls and then she can go on with her day. I am not sure what all she does when we aren’t there. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t know so I don’t have constant panic attacks! She’s 97 and boy can she get into mischief. Now I know where the kids and grandkids get it from! 🙂

Well I am doing some cleaning today and then I don’t know what else. I guess what ever comes to me to do. So I need to get off of here and get moving. I need coffee and Lily will need her walk soon.

Hope everyone has a Sensational Saturday filled with Peace and Joy.



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  1. I am glad you got to use the pizza pans. Bill and I are outside and it is starting to rain. So I need to go in. Have a great weekend.


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