Some Of Our Grand-Boys Favorite Things


Good Morning!

Hope everyone is well and getting ready for the Week-End.

We are heading out for a Steak-n-Shake breakfast and to do some grocery shopping at Walmart. Norm’s emptying our tanks and I’ll treat them when he’s done. That’s just part of our twice weekly chores. We usually have a game plan on what days we empty them and since we’re on a sewer site it’s real easy for Norm to take care of them. He doesn’t have to use our Blue Barker Tote (the blue pooper as we call it) to take it to the dump station.  Most State and Federal Parks don’t have sewers on site though we have seen a few of them that do. So Norm will be visiting the dump station more often in our future.

I am always looking for the things that our grandsons enjoy. One of them is heavy equipment. So when I saw these I just had to get a picture. They look so neat out there in the sunshine. I smile thinking of our grandsons. If they could they would be climbing all over them as they dream they are driving them and making them work. 🙂

I’ve lost another pound and I am so grateful for that. It makes me smile. This Journey is one of the hardest for me to do. There are a lot of obstacles and pot holes in the road that I am on. So I will just take it slow and easy and avoid as many as possible.

I did get the cabinets rearranged yesterday and that took awhile. I keep moving things around as I discover that somethings just don’t work well in certain cabinets. Also with grocery shopping today I have to be sure everything will fit.

I need more coffee and soon Lily will need her walk. So I guess I had better get a move on.

Hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday filled with Love and Laughter.



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  1. Same here the grandboys just love trucks and trackers too!!! Have a good weekend.


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