Old Glory! Long May You Wave!


Good Morning!

I love seeing our Flag flying!

It reminds me to be grateful to the Men and Women who gave their lives so we could live in the land where there are endless possibilities of how we decide to live Our Lives. We are in charge of what we decide to do with our lives. Where we can worship as we choose or not at all. It’s totally up to us. When we are young we heed to our Family’s ideals and later we decide our own. Our country allows you to do this. It allows you to be all you can be or to be nothing at all. The CHOICE is yours. I am grateful to all who are still answering the call of Duty either in the Military or in the Police and Fire Departments across our Great Nation. Our Nation has never Lost it’s Greatness. We the People that live here have neglected her and she needs some TLC but she’s still as Beautiful, Loving and Strong as ever. She just has to remind us every now and then that we belong to her and she belongs to us and for all of us to do our part to uphold all the reasons she was founded so many years ago. To remember that those Values and Rights were worth dying for and act accordingly. Would our Fore Fathers be Proud of us? That is a question I believe we need to ask ourselves every day. Okay I am stepping down off my soap box now. 🙂

Our sight seeing adventure yesterday was a bust. There really wasn’t a Historic District as we have seen in other towns. So we decided to check out a local indoor Flea Market instead. It was interesting and we saw a lot of stuff. We didn’t buy anything though we did look at the BBQ sauce that was made with different fruits. They seem to like a lot of hot peppers in jams and such too. Later we went to Publix for a CHICKEN run! Yum!!!!

Today is a clean out and rearrange my kitchen cabinets. Tomorrow is grocery day again and I need to know what I need and to make sure I have room for it. Also I have to find where I put the Sweet-n-Low. Norm was looking for it this morning. Awe the RV life!

Lily is still hiding out in the bedroom. She hates noise! We also figure it might be cooler in the bedroom. We will be happy when Norm installs our 2nd AC unit. We are cool as long as we aren’t sitting out in the hot boiling sun. However most KOA’s or Private Parks that’s where you will find you’re parking your Rig. So a 2nd AC is a must to beat the heat!!!

My coffee cup is almost empty and I need a refill.

I hope all of you have a Terrific Thursday filled with Happiness.


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