The Frog Pond


Good Morning!

Hope this finds you doing well today.

We are heading out to explore the near by Prattville Historic District later this morning. We are looking forward to that and hoping for some neat pictures and video. We shall see!

On our Bamboo Forest walk the other day what we saw raised a few questions for us. As we came upon the Frog Pond we discovered they had cut down a lot of the bamboo. They had just left the bamboo trees wherever they fell and most of them fell into the pond. I guess my question is why? Do the Frogs need a place to sit? The pond is a feature they have listed in their brochure but in it’s present condition it’s not as pretty and serene as I had expected it to be. It was sad to see it this way.

The heat is back and that makes Lily’s walk only a morning one now. She will only go out for a short afternoon one and she’s ready for some AC and a comfortable chair.

I am getting excited about heading back to Florida next week. I need some BEACH time and to see some Palm Trees and Sand! This has been an amazing Journey with lots of Adventures and Surprises but I am ready to head back to good old Florida. I am excited about seeing our Kids, Grandkids and Friends. The most exciting thing for me is the visit to our Storage Locker for the things I am missing. The DECORATIONS and craft supplies I left behind. So yes when I think of visiting there I Smile and Smile and Smile!!!!!

I need more coffee and to get a few things done before we get ready to head out this morning. So I need to get a move on. Here’s hoping everyone has a Wednesday filled with Happiness, Hope and Love.




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