Good Morning!

It is a good morning we again have our door open and maybe we can sit outside awhile this morning. This is always a pleasant time for us talking and remembering all the places we’ve been and the people we’ve met as we enjoy Mother Nature and People watching. We’ve met some interesting people since we’ve been here too. Some of them have dogs. Lily just has to say Hi to everyone and that can start a conversation real quick. Quit a few of the RV’s here are wearing Florida plates and that makes me smile. I can’t help it I am always on the look out for our Florida license plate. 🙂

It may be a small thing but since I started counting carbs I have lost a POUND! It may not seem like much, but to me it is an awesome achievement. I am very Happy about this and it motivates me to stay on track for the long haul. Now this will not be easy as the Holidays are a coming and bringing with them all that delicious food. Wish me luck to stay on track.

This Sunday we are at home. We try to just have a day of rest and relaxation on Sundays. There are Sundays that we have things we must take care of and that is the only day available thankfully those are few and far between. Some of our upcoming Sundays we will be spending with Family and Friends and that is something we always look forward to. 🙂

Well I did get the laundry done and put away. Very happy about that though I did forget a towel that was out on the drying rack. Oh well will do it next time. Such is the RV life.

Still have a few things to do before Lily’s Morning walk. So I guess I had better get to it.

Hope all of you have a Sensational Sunday filled with Peace and Joy.


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