Guess what I caught Norm checking out at Hobby Lobby? Yes, Musical Snow Globes and he just couldn’t resist turning them all on! We decided to check out the Hobby Lobby’s holiday decorations and they didn’t disappoint. We had an enjoyable time walking around admiring everything and NO I didn’t BUY anything! Yeah Me! 🙂

A Cool Good Morning to you from Alabama. We actually have the screen door open but Lily has decided to go into the bedroom and lay on the rug there instead of sitting and looking out the door. I guess she decided it the scenery wasn’t that exciting.

Today is laundry day and as soon as I can I am going to sort our stuff and head up to the laundry area and get it done. I only have 4 to 5 loads this time and that is a good thing. They have 2 washers and 2 dryers so it will take me awhile.

Norm put a new light on our light pole as the other one had burned out. You have to replace the whole thing as you can’t open it to just replace the light bulb. I guess we didn’t notice that when he first built it. I am grateful that they are inexpensive.

Our Guardian Angels were working overtime yesterday. When we got back to the camp entrance and we were turning into the camp a work van tried to pass us on the left side and we were turning left. Thankfully Norm’s quick reflexes saved us from a massive accident. Thank the Lord both us and whom ever was driving the van came through without a scratch. Hopefully they will pay attention when they’re driving from now on. Turn Signals mean a person is turning and you should be aware that the left signal means turning left and the right signal means turning right and act accordingly.

Well I need to get a move on Laundry waits for no one.

Hope everyone has a Pleasant and Peaceful Saturday.



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  1. All I have to do is fold a load of laundry. Have a good weekend.


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