Lily was mad at me so she went and set by the bathroom door to wait for Norm to come out. I was talking to my Mom and I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention to her. She also decided this morning she needs to go out earlier than usual for her walk. Lily was standing by the door and Norm is taking her so I can do my Blog while they are gone. He thinks she is looking for that Kitty she tried to chase earlier. The jokes on you Lily, it’s already walked on by!

A Very Good Morning to You! Hope everyone is doing well today.

Yesterday we were able to not only sit outside and enjoy the weather but we were able to EAT our BREAKFAST out at the picnic table. We haven’t been able to eat outside since Missouri. The bugs and heat have been the major reasons why. Thankfully we had a nice breeze yesterday.

Today we are going to Home Depot for a few things and then when we get back we will finish setting up our site. Yes, we took yesterday off. That 5 plus hour drive here Wednesday took it’s toll. That is what keeps reminding us we are getting older not younger. I guess you are as young as you feel and if so yesterday I was at least 90 years old if not older!!!

We did go over our calendar and decided what and where we’re going to explore and what other home projects we are going to do while we are here in Alabama. We are also going to check and see if and when there are any RV shows in Florida. Norm and I are thinking of going to one and just looking around to see what new products and Rvs  are out there. I would like to go to one that has Dutchmen at it. I would love to see the new Kodiak especially the one with the 3 slides. I would also enjoy seeing a Fleetwood Bounder 33c if one is there. Of course checking out solar and composting toilets as well as awning screens is on our list too. Norm is thinking about braces for the slides to help support them especially if you are stationary for a longer period of time than a few days, like we will be doing as of March 2020. So a Journey to a RV show would be a fun and very informative time for both of us. 🙂

Well I need another cup of coffee. Hope everyone has a Marvelous Friday filled with Happiness.




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