Heading Home


A Happy Good Morning to you from Alabama!

We made it! The people are Friendly, the site is Wonderful and there is a PUBLIX near by so we set up camp and headed there to pick up CHICKEN!!!!!! We have tried many kinds of fried Chicken on this trip but to us they just never came close to the Publix chicken we have come to love. Yes, we were very EXCITED when she told Norm about Publix being near here. 🙂

Today we finish setting up camp. We pulled in after 3 pm yesterday and with the temperature being at 99 degrees we decided a lot of it could wait till today. We were blessed with a rain shower and it’s a little cooler this morning but we don’t expect that to last long. So today we will finish our set up and maybe do a Home Depot  run as we need to replace our outside pole light. Nothing lasts forever! No matter how we hope and pray it does. Laundry is in my future too. Awe, Home Life no matter where you are the clothes have to be washed, dried and put away.

Well I have done 2 days of Carb counting and I am Happy to say I am doing good so far. I am not hungry at all. I do allow myself 200 carbs a day but find I am eating less than that and that makes me feel good and puts a smile on my face. I started this because I became aware that I was Stress Eating. Now for some if they get really stressed they stop eating but for me it’s the opposite I Eat. I had a Dr. tell me it’s because at the time eating was the only thing I had Control of in my life. I believe him. There are things in our lives we can’t control and I pray a lot but being human I still have that bad habit of wanting to fix it myself and not wait to see what the Lord has planned for me.  It did come to me and it was one word no more and that word was CARBS and I smiled. This was something I could do and have done in the past that has worked for me. I feel like that Tortoise in the race with the Hare. Only here it’s me and my race with stress and food. Slow and steady is the best way for me to go and it does bring results. I have seen them before and I will again and with the Lord guiding me how can I go wrong. 🙂

Well enough about me. The park is wonderful and soon we will take Miss Lily on an inspection tour. She will let us know if it meets her high standards. The gentleman, who owns the park with his wife, made a hit with her yesterday when he gave her not one but two TREATS! They are organic and she loved them! I am sure she will be looking for him today. Can we all say Spoiled!

I am low on coffee in my cup and need a refill before I carry on with my To Do List for today. I hope all of you have an Awesome and Amazing Thursday filled with Hope, Love and Joy.







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