Looking Forward


Good Morning!

Well it’s Sunday and I probably will just take it easy another day. Sinus is no fun and though I am feeling better I am still not a 100%. Norm was a Sweetheart last night and made me dinner. 🙂 Love that Man of Mine!

Lily is having a rough morning as any little noise is driving her crazy. So it will be a long day for her and us.

A few kitchen appliances I brought with me that I feel are my must haves are my Coffee Pot, Toaster, Crockpots(I have 2), electric skillet, Ninja(left at Mom’s for smoothie making), Mixer and my Ice Cream Maker. I use these a lot and feel they are worth the space it takes to store them. When I return to Florida I am replacing my skillets as I bought them in 1998 and they aren’t performing like they use to. I also want to get a larger pot to cook pasta and potatoes in. My largest pot will only hold a small amount of potatoes or pasta and when you are feeding more that 2-4 people it takes a long time to get things prepared. I am also replacing my knives. Again I bought these in 1998 and I have had to throw a couple of them away. Handles have broken and it’s time to look for their replacements. I also need a larger cutting board. I had to throw my large plastic cutting board out. Again I have had it awhile and I am thinking of a wooden board this time. I am using a small plastic one right now. Takes forever to chop anything up on it. I am also thing of getting a single electric burner to use inside or outside. I see an Ikea run in my future. 🙂 Girl’s Day Out!!!!

There are other things I am planning to do in the Kodiak for storage and just decorations for walls and so on. After a year on the road I have had the time to see just what I need to buy and do or redo to make our 360 square feet work better for us. I will keep you posted.

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Day filled with Health and Happiness.




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