Adventure Is Everywhere!


Good Morning!

Still battling the Sinus issues but hope to do some baking today.

Well Norm and I had an Adventure trying to capture a picture of the Moon last night. First just trying to find away to see the Moon through the Pine trees was an interesting dilemma. Where to stand for the best shot. After we discovered a couple of places we had to contend with this vehicle and it’s lights. Finally it moved on and we went to stand by the gate house which has a bright light on it and we were standing in the bright light when this vehicle comes barreling up the hill at us and we had to move very quickly or get hit. All we got was a “Sorry YaAll” and on they went to the building up a ways from where we were standing. We figured out then that they are one of the Park’s officials! Go Figure! Our conversation then was what if we had been walking our dog or just walking with a flashlight would we have been safe? I think the answer would have to be NO!

This park though the nature part is lovely everything else seems to be falling apart. The trail has trees down that Norm had to climb over, no other way to get around them and the foot bridges have boards missing, nails protruding or rotten boards that are not safe to walk on. This makes us very sad for the park and the people who come here. Volunteers are wonderful to have at the parks but if there are No Funds available there isn’t much they can do to improve the infrastructure of that Park.

Today is an empty the tanks day and I plan to do some baking. Muffins for sure and maybe some cookies. What ever my sinus will allow me to do. It rules my life right now.

Hope everyone has a Sweet Saturday filled with all the Good things Life has to offer.




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