Hunting A Post Office


Good Morning!

This is the one Building I hunt for in almost every town or city we are in and that is the US Post Office. I do eventually find one and then we make a quick run by so I can drop off my outgoing mail. The other day when we did our Walmart run we also did a quick stop at one of the Two local Post Offices. I was surprised when I went in to drop off my mail and they had a slot for Local Mail as well as Out of Town Mail. Most Post Offices may have two slots but one is for larger items and one is for letters etc. I was impressed that they still have the Local Mail here.

Today we are hiking around the lake and I hope my sinus leaves me alone long enough for me to enjoy the Adventure. Norm and I haven’t been able to do much hiking in the last few months so this is a treat. We just hope the trail is maintained and that we don’t have any obstacles to cross. We will see.

Sinus, Sinus go away. For over a week now my sinus has been causing me issues. The dizzy spells that trigger my virtigo  and just not feeling well has caused me to become a CHAIR Potato! Also a blasted knat bit me in the corner of my eye again and now I am having to wear my glasses for today and maybe even tomorrow. That makes Phyllis a grumpy person! Well hope tomorrow is better.

Tonight I do plan to go out and take some pictures of the MOON. It is suppose to be a beautiful Harvest Moon and according to what I read will not appear again till August 13th, 2049. When I did a little more research I found that it is rare for the Harvest Moon to appear on Friday the 13th and it has been 30 years since the last one.  I plan to check this moon out. My Mom remembers seeing one like this a long, long time ago. She said it was absolutely beautiful and encouraged me to get out and see it. I however do not plan to stay up till Midnight to get the full effect of it. I will go out at moon rise and see how the Moon looks. I love looking at the Moon in all it’s Glory no matter the night or season to me it is one of the most beautiful sights I will ever see.

Well I need to get moving and as I am feeling really slow this morning my chores seem to be taking forever for me to do.

Hope all of you have a Fabulous Friday filled with Joy and Contentment.



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