HUM! I Am Handsome!


Good Morning!

Well I caught “Bob” checking himself out in my make-up mirror. He thinks he is extremely Handsome and he’s not real sure I got his Good Side when I took his picture. Bob’s been pretty quite on most of this trip. I think all the traveling and seeing new places is keeping his antics at a bay. He’s just to tired to do anything and that’s a plus for me. Just wait till we are back in Florida and I am sure they will begin again. I kind of dread when the Christmas Elves come to visit! Yikes! I almost cringe when I consider what all those three could get up to. Guess I will just have to wait and see.

Well I have become Forgetful! Last night I forgot to remove my make-up. In my defense I haven’t been wearing make-up and I forgot I even had any on. So this morning I have to really clean my face! Not looking forward to doing that.

Today is a stay at home and do odds and ends type of day. I do wish the ACORNS would lay off hitting the Kodiak’s roof as it is driving Lily CRAZY!!! We did see a squirrel yesterday and that maybe who’s dumping them on our roof. Guess they’re saying Take That Lily!!!

We did get our video work done yesterday and that’s always a good feeling. Then we decided to go look at the cabins and the boat ramp/dock area. Well I decided to use the Facilities and much to my surprise they were LOCKED! The women’s door was locked and the men’s door had a padlock on it. Now these Facilities are by the playground in the picnic area so you would expect them to be open for public use. But because they weren’t we came home and later we took a drive through the rest of the park. We do know the on-line reviews of this park are not the best and if you are thinking of coming here please be sure and check them out. We are planning a short 2 mile hike tomorrow and we will let you know how that goes.

Well I need coffee. Lily will need a walk soon and it feels like a cereal morning to me.

Hope everyone has a Splendid Thursday filled with Love.



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