Changing Times


Good Morning!

Today is a day of Memories and Emotions as we realize that’s it’s the 18th Anniversary of that fateful day when we were attacked 9/11. Just like my Mom remembers where she was when Pearl Harbor happened I figure each American remembers where they were and what they were doing at the time of the attack on 9-11-2001. We thought we were invincible and discovered we weren’t. That day We the People of the United States of America stated in a LOUD Voice that we are United and we will not go down Easy or with out a Fight! We came together as a Nation. We mourned together, we worked together and we cried together. It didn’t matter what race, religion, or creed you were or lived by WE were all Americans and We needed Each Other! As the years roll by we seem to have forgotten that. That is a Sad thing too because what your forget you tend to repeat or let happen to you again and again. History does Repeat itself! Let’s hope we are never faced with another 9/11 or a Pearl Harbor. My dreams for the future are we as a Nation come together as one, not because of political or religious beliefs but because we have come to realize that a Nation divided can not stand. We can all have different beliefs and vote for whom ever we feel is the best person for the job but when all is said and done we are still Americans. Americans need to remember we are a strong people and working together we can accomplish the impossible! Look at us We walked on the Moon when they said it couldn’t be done. I am so glad that I am an American!

Well the groceries are done and put away. Have you noticed that fresh fruit and veggies do not last long or taste as good as they use to? My mom and I talk about this a lot how sad it is that you spend a lot on food and a lot of it ends up in the trash can. Don’t get me started on the bread and milk not lasting too! Also living in the Kodiak I have limited storage space and need to buy smaller amounts of paper plates. When I look at the 70 count verses the 150 count the smaller amount costs a dollar more. That just doesn’t make since to me. I bought the larger one and had to STUFF it into a space made for a smaller item. It’s in there but getting it out I might need a shield to place in front of me so I don’t get hit with plates when it POPS out of there. Wish me luck!

Today is Video day and a little bit of exploring the park. We are going to drive down to the other dock and the cabins and check them out. No Lily! She gets to stay in the comfortable Kodiak enjoying the AC and No Bugs.

Norm just emptied the tanks and I still need to treat the grey water tank. So I guess I need to get a move on. Coffee first.

Hope all of you have Good Wednesday filled with Peace and Happiness.



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