Hello! Ford


Good Morning!

Today our BAT truck goes into Ford to get an oil change and the AC worked on. Norm has an appointment for her at 7:30 am and we don’t know how long this will take so he’s taking his laptop with him to do some editing. That should keep him busy. As for me I am cleaning the Kodiak and doing a load of rugs so I can hang them out to dry. I love how  things smell when they have been line dried. Will be walking Miss Lily too. She is still having issues with the acorns falling onto the Kodiak’s roof. So hopefully she doesn’t get in my way as I am cleaning. I sure don’t want to fall. I might not be able to get back up!

I have to admit I have gotten LAZY in my decorating at each new stop! Some of that is that I am bored with what I have with me and some is I just don’t want to unpack and repack it. Like I said LAZY! I’ve also found that with putting on my make-up everyday. This is just me being Lazy again. I need to get myself back in gear. I will!  I just need to re-motivate myself. Sometimes that is the hardest thing to do. Writing in my journal helps but it still takes a lot to get me motivated or so it seems. I have so  many things and people to be grateful for and so many things to look forward to that I often don’t understand why I get down like this. It seems like all my cares and worries catch up to me and I realize I need to step back and ask the Lord to take the wheel on this vehicle I call my life. Then I need to listen to Him and leave it in His hands. 🙂 Hard to do, though I am going to do my very best to. Thanks for listening. 🙂

My Mom is doing as well as can be expected. She isn’t happy with her life as she can’t do what she use to do. She wants to take care of herself and her home and now she has to depend on others to help her with that. It doesn’t sit well with her.  She’s a doer and not being able to do anything is hard for her. All she has is her memories to remind her of how she was when she was young. She has seen so much of what has gone on in this world of ours and she tells me it is going you know where in a hand-basket and that makes her angry and sad at the same time. It’s hard to hear her like this. I pray a lot for her. She wants to go home!

Thank you for listening to my rambling today. It helps.

Hope everyone has a Magnificent Monday filled with Peace and Joy.




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