What Once Was Beautiful


Good Morning!

As you can see in this picture my Herbs are enjoying sitting on this old picnic table. This is one table I would not dare use for fear it would collapse if I did. The sad thing is we are seeing this kind of decay through out the park. This is a beautiful park but with out proper funding they can’t maintain or replace or repair anything. As we traveled this year we have seen this in several parks and in several states. If the funds aren’t there they can’t take care of their parks. I can only hope and pray that things get better in the future. If they don’t our children and our children’s children may not have the opportunity to enjoy our Federal and State Parks. For some people this is the only chance they will have of getting close to Mother Nature. Praying it gets better for all of us.

Yesterday Norm did empty our tanks and we found out we do remember how to conserve our water usage. Yeah us! So he only had to make the one trip. That always makes him Happy. Oh and he didn’t loose the bobber this time either. That’s a Win right there!

Today being Sunday we don’t have anything planned except walking the Lily. We try to keep our Sundays low keyed. We try to just have a relaxing day. Starting Tomorrow we will be very busy each day.

Hope everyone has a Pleasant Sunday.


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