Good Morning!

Hope all of you are having a good Saturday. Norm just emptied our waste tanks. I treated them and that is one job checked off the list.

Lily isn’t having a good Saturday morning as the acorns are falling onto the Kodiak’s roof and scaring her. She then tries to climb you to find a safe place to lay down. She was doing this to me but now it’s Norm’s turn. This can be very frustrating because you spill things as she’s trying to find a safe place on your lap or beside you. We took her up to the day use area (picnic area) yesterday. We walked around with her and it is very difficult to video anything with her trying to sniff everything and pulling you in all directions. I finally gave up and we went up to one of the pavilions and sat down and waited for Norm to finish taking pictures out on the dock. There was a nice rock fireplace in this pavilion and it is where we will be doing one of our videos this next week. They have several pavilions here and some are nearer the lake but we liked this one. They have a nice playground here too.

We do plan to hike the trail that goes around the lake later this coming week. Our week is getting filled up pretty quickly. Yeah Us!

Well today I am having a Vertigo Day. These days aren’t any fun as I am seeing the computer screen and my words look like they’re on a slant.  So that means I will have to be extra careful walking today or I could just fall. I am not fond of these days as I usually end up staying put in my chair and just hope the room won’t tilt and I fall off the chair! That has happened to me before. I also stood up and took a nose dive to the floor. Not fun but the specialist told me that I have had it awhile and he figured I had already learned to live with it. It makes curvy roads a little difficult as your head is still on one curve while you are going around another one. I also have dizzy spells with it sometimes and it isn’t always my sinus causing that. Then the world is spinning and I just want to get off. It’s like the aftermath of a night out partying with out the fun. So my day should be interesting. I am glad I don’t have a lot planned for today.

Today I am going to do a little decorating and put my flags on the pole and the next state on our map. Yes, I am slow doing this but the laundry was more important and yesterday we were just relaxing. No hurry to get it done. 🙂

Hope all of you have a Super Saturday filled with Rest and Relaxation.



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