A Beautiful Morning!


Good Morning from Mississippi!

This park offers Frisbee Golf which Norm and I have never tried. It looks like a lot of fun though. Hum! I wonder should I invest in a Frisbee or two so we can give this a go.

Couldn’t resist taking this picture of our home yesterday morning. I was walking up the hill from the laundry area at the bathhouse. I am impressed with their washer and dryer set up. The washer does a load in about 23 minutes and there is a timer on the washer to let you know how much time is left till the load is done. The dryer is the same way only you get 60 minutes on the dryer and with the price only being a $1.50 per load that was a bargain. The washer was a $1.50 a load too. I was one HAPPY Camper doing the laundry. Monday I plan to clean the Kodiak and do a load of rugs. Norm will be at Ford getting our F350 an oil change and our AC fixed. A Big Black Truck and 95 degree weather don’t go well together. We need comfort when we travel and Lily demands it!

Today we only have planned another drive up to the day use area to scout out a pavilion to film our video in. We are going to take Miss Lily along so she can explore a little bit.

It will be a challenge when we go to empty our tanks on the day we are leaving the park, as we have to go to the the other camping area to dump and then we have to drive through that camping area and then back down to the road that takes us out of the park. It will add another 15 to 20 minutes to our travel time. So we will have to adjust our start time again. We do so LOVE a Challenge!

We will probably not take down our bikes because of all the hills. We would be walking them more than riding them. So we will wait till Alabama to get them down.

We found a car wash by the Walmart that would fit our F350. So Norm may take her to get a bath before we leave. I think she would like that.

Lily is climbing Norm as things are hitting the top of the Kodiak again and that scares her. She wants to hide behind him. Acorns are dropping and scaring her. She’s become very clingy since we lost Zoe. Zoe was her anchor and her rock and she felt secure with her there. Poor Lily and No we aren’t getting another dog. One is enough for us.

Well I need to get moving. I’m out of coffee in my cup and Lily needs a walk and I’m hungry.

Hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday.






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