It’s A Dirty Job But Someone-Norm- Has To Do It!


Good Morning from Mississippi!

Before we left Arkansas Norm had to retrieve the bobber from our Barker Waste Tank as it had fallen in the last time he dumped our tanks. He said it happened when he was rinsing out the tank. We need the bobber to insure that you don’t over flow your off loading tank and make a smelly mess at your campsite. So this is a necessary piece of equipment and though we have a spare we still needed to retrieve this one. So Dr. Norm did an amazing job of fetching it. I took video and this picture of his Journey into the Blue Waste Tank. Great Job Norm!

Well we had a HOT Journey here yesterday as our Ford’s AC decided that enough was enough and it was not going to work that hard any more. It was barely putting out any cool air at all and the temps were 94 and 95 degrees. So we rolled all the windows down a ways and Journeyed  on. Lily was not a happy camper at all. She let us know it was hot and this precious pup needed her ac! So today Norm will call Ford to see when we can get her in to get the ac fixed and an oil change. Other than the heat we had an interesting time getting here as we changed Interstates often. Oh I am not sure I got the Welcome to Mississippi sign as my camera shut down and I don’t know if that was before or after we passed the sign. I had been filming non-stop as our Go-Pro had run out of battery so it may have decided it needed a rest. It’s done this before. I have a picky camera so it would seem.

We arrived to find that our campsite is a narrow and not level site even though it is paved. We experienced the same issues we had leveling the Kodiak here as we did in Kentucky. Well we are as level as we can get it and so we continued to set up camp. Here the electric is on the side where our service center is but the water is on the other side of our camper. So Norm had to toss the water hose to me from under the Kodiak and then we hooked her up. If you aren’t careful you can take a tumble coming out or going inside as the steps are high up off the ground. Even with our extra step it’s not easy to get in or out of the camper. It’s a pretty site but if we want to set out it will be in back or in front of the Kodiak as there is no room on the side under the awning. Our Ford is parked across the street since it wouldn’t fit on our site. We hope to explore more of the park but today is Laundry Day so I will be busy later this morning.

Here’s hoping everyone has a Wonderful Thursday filled with Fun, Family and Friends.



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