Mississippi Here We Come!


Good Morning from Arkansas!

Yes, it’s our last morning here and we will miss seeing the Arkansas River out our back window and watching the boats and the tugs as they Journey Up and Down the river.  But it’s time to Journey On to our next destination, Mississippi. We are going to be staying at another new park and we are hoping to get in a few hikes, Lily walks and some biking. I am hoping we have an awesome campsite with an amazing view like this one had. So with the Kodiak hitched to the Ford we will begin to make our way further south as we head on back to Florida for the winter. We are concerned for our children and grandchildren as they face Dorian but we are grateful for the news that she is staying out at sea and only her outer winds and rain will affect them. Right now the parks we are scheduled to camp at are closed so we will be checking on their status as the days roll by. Otherwise we maybe visiting our daughter as they have a RV set up in their yard and we have been invited to use it any time we want to. It’s nice to be wanted!

Well we are trying to make a 9:30 am pull out time but will we make it I don’t know. We plan to dump our tanks at the pull through across from us as it has a sewer on site.

Then we will be on our way. Thanks Arkansas it’s been nice getting to know you.

Time to Journey On! Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday filled with Hope, Joy and Love.



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