Our Kind Of Sunday!


Good Morning!

Happy Labor Day!

We spent Sunday just sitting outside enjoying the day and watching the boats,barges and tugs on the river. It was a very Peaceful way to spend the day. Very relaxing!

Well I did find my Trail Snacks that I had lost. I found that I had put them in the container with the paper towels. I don’t know what I was thinking when I did that! But hey, I did find them and we did enjoy them on our last hike. I also discovered I need to buy more of them. I have just enough for one more hike. So I added them to the ever growing grocery list. That list may become a monster by the time I make my grocery run.

Mom and I discussed today how spoons seem to grow legs and disappear from the utensil drawer. I know I had 4 soup spoons but for the life of me I can only find 3 of them. Where is that other spoon hiding? I just hope it didn’t jump into the trashcan to escape. Because if it did I am never going to find that spoon because it is long gone!

Yesterday we spent the day outside enjoying the weather and I guess Miss Lily had enough of that because around 5 pm she let me know she was ready to go inside. She was barking at me and telling me enough was enough! She had put up with the neighbors and their dog and the squirrels and the noise and she needed some Chair and AC time and I needed to get up and take her inside Right Now! She won!!!

Today is cleaning day for me so I am chasing Norm and Lily outside so I can clean the Living area and mop the floor. It is hard to do that when they are in here. Just as sure as you mop either Norm is walking on the floor or Lily is. So I put the mopping off till it’s a nice day outside and I send them out till I am done. Dusting is the most frustrating job for me! You barely get the dust removed and new dust has arrived to take it’s place. It’s a no win situation for me. Is it for you?

Well I need to get moving as Lily hasn’t had her walk yet and 3 cups of coffee are never enough for me so I am headed to the coffee pot for a refill.

Hope everyone has a Great Monday filled with Fun and Family and Friends.



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