Hum! I Don’t Think So!!!


Good Morning!

Well today is day TWO of Hiking at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. Yesterday we tried to hike the East Trail. We reached this point in the trail and as you can see in the picture it was very difficult to navigate your way up. I decided NO WAY was I going to even attempt this as I did not want to have the EMT’s coming out here to carry me down because I had broke something. I have learned my limits and I try not to go over them as I pay for it dearly when I do. Pain is not my FRIEND! Well Norm decided to try it and he got two-thirds of the way up and texted me he was coming back down as now the trail had changed and you had to climb the boulders to reach the summit! Not Happening! We had talked to a young man and later to 2 young ladies, one is an EMT, and they told us the West Trail is the easier one to do to reach the Summit. So today we are going to go and attempt to Summit the Mountain by the West Trail. We will see how well we do. Wish us LUCK we will most likely need it. These are challenging trails and we don’t mind that but we feel the Parks should warn you about how treacherous some of their trails are so you can make a informed decision of whither you want to try the trail or not.

Can you believe this is the last day of August. It’s hard to wrap our thoughts around that last year we had just started on our Full-Time RVing Journey. So glad we are doing this and when I do think about it all I can do is smile.

All of you in Florida please stay prepared for Dorian. It’s not come in yet and as we all know it can change it’s mind whenever it wants to. I pray it goes far out to sea and misses all of Florida and the other States in it’s path.

Hope everyone has an Amazing Saturday no matter where you are.



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