It’s Friday!


Good Morning!

For most people it’s a Thank God it’s Friday kind of day and for some it’s the Oh My it’s the weekend and what am I going to do with myself. For our kids it’s the weekend before the Hurricane and time to police your yard and make sure that everything is picked up and secure. For others it’s a long weekend filled with fun. So what ever your weekend plans are I hope you have a Safe and Happy one.

I have a thing about taking pictures of Train Trestles. Especially the neat ones or the ones going over water. It’s even better if there is a train going over them at the time of the picture. However on this day much to my disappointment there wasn’t one. Oh well the Train Trestle going over the Arkansas River caught my eye and I just had to take it’s picture. I hope it didn’t mind. I love the way it looks against the sky.

Mom has had an eventful week so far. Earlier she fell but she is okay and yes, my brother was there but you can’t prevent these things from happening. We can’t put her in a Bubble even if we wanted to. She’s doing okay and today she did use her dishwasher and unloaded it while she waited for my phone call. Now remember her day begins at 11 pm and goes till around 5 pm. So while we’re sleeping she’s getting into mischief. She loves it when it rains and I believe she is hoping that it does that today. Over all our conversation was me catching her up on the news of the kids and grandkids. The Hurricane was front and center on her mind. She use to keep me informed on them and she new the counties we lived in so she could tell us what the weatherperson said. I never needed to watch the news Mom was my reporter! I miss that a lot more than I ever imagined I could.

If you know  an elderly person please stop and chat with them for a few minutes. It may seem trivial to you but to them it will be the highlight of their day. They often feel isolated and alone. Ageing doesn’t rub off on anyone!!! We must all age and some do it slow and some do it faster but it happens to all of us. So please visit the elderly. A lot of them no longer have any family left and they need a friendly face and a friendly voice to make their world just a little brighter. Thank-you.

Today we plan to go to Pinnacle Mountain SP and do some hiking. It’s only a few miles down the road and that should be a short drive. Awesome now just where did I store the snacks. I still can’t remember where I put them!

We enjoyed a day sitting outside yesterday just soaking up the Peace and quite. It was so wonderful we forgot to eat breakfast till 10 am. A whole day of Relaxing and Recharging our Batteries was just what we needed.

It’s hard to believe we Journey On next Wednesday to Mississippi. So we are going to do our very best to enjoy these last days here in Arkansas.

Hope you have a great day filled with Love.


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