Good Morning from a Sunny and Cool Arkansas!

We made it to Hot Springs, Arkansas yesterday. Beautiful area lots of wonderful old buildings. A lot of Bath Houses and two of them are still privately owned though most of them belong to the National Park Service. The bath houses owned  by the National Park Service are used as museums or gift shops. They are beautiful building and have a lot of history attached to them. They also have a Public Fountain where you can fill your jugs with the Spring Water. We tried it and it is QUITE Warm. Tastes good though. So as usual we had a major PARKING issue. Now they do have metered parking but we left our change at home and most look like the coin operated ones, so be aware of that. There is street parking if you can find it and it isn’t a 15 minute loading zone. Also smaller autos are easier to fit in these areas. There was at least one Parking Garage but again we were to big to fit. So Where Did We Park? We parked many blocks away down by an empty building that was for sale that set next to the Pale Pony Tattoo Pallor that opened at Noon. So we locked her up tight and I took video of where we were and then we started walking back to the Visitor’s Center. There was a lot to see a long the way and we took a lot of video and pictures. Now this National Park also has a camp ground, hiking trails, a scenic drive through the park as well as an observation tower, that with paid admission you can go up in and see the surrounding area. Norm did that and got some beautiful pictures. If we were to come back we would stay at the park and then we could hike some of the easier trails. We feel this would be a much better way to enjoy Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was a 2 hour round trip for us because of where we were camping.

Today is a stay home and enjoy this cooler weather while it lasts. Which maybe just this morning! That’s okay I just want to set outside for awhile.

Hoping all of you in Florida are READY for the incoming Hurricane. Saying some prayers.

Hope everyone has a Lovely Thursday filled with Sunshine and Lollipops.





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