What’s Wrong With This Picture?


Good Morning!

Today we are planning on going to Hot Springs Arkansas. We aren’t sure what we will find there but it should be a fun Adventure. My camera’s batteries are fully charged and raring to GO!

Okay as most of you know I am Journeying  with 4 pots of Herbs with me. I have Basil, Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme. They have had their ups and down on this Journey and have been doing quite well. They ride in the shower stall and they haven’t once complained  about the cramped quarters. Well yesterday morning I had Parsley growing nicely in it’s pot. Yesterday afternoon when I went out to check on my Herbs the SQUIRRELS had helped themselves to the Parsley and all they had left me was the green stems. I wonder if the stems are still there. I am almost afraid to go look. Awe the wonders of Mother Nature!

The water came back on around lunch time yesterday. That was a good thing. A limb fell just missing a 5th wheel up the road a ways. It’s a good thing they were gone as it fell where their truck would have been parked. Blessings for sure. Not much else happened and I am grateful for that.

Well I need to get out of my pj’s and dressed so Lily can have her walk. I also need coffee!

Hope all of you have a Lovely Wednesday filled with Good Health and Happiness.



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