Good Morning!

Yes TODAY is our 365th day as Full Time RVers! It’s hard to wrap my thoughts around that fact. I know what the calendar says and I know that some days it feels like we just pulled out yesterday and other days it feels like it’s been longer than 365 days. It took us over 2 years(we gave ourselves 3 years) to start and when we did we moved at what seemed like a whirlwind pace, then a snails pace and then something in between them. It seems like LIFE loves to offer us challenges all along our Journey and with the Lord’s Blessings we’ve managed to conquer them. Not all of the challenges have been things that needed fixing some were just us and the things that make life full-filling like Family and Friends. That’s why Blogging everyday has been such a Blessing. I can share my thoughts and experiences with you. I am sure you’ve had a few laughs at my expense and that you’ve also shed a few tears with me too. I thank you for being here with me.

We have seen a lot of wonderful places and done a lot of fun things. Some of the things we weren’t impressed with after we arrived and some of the things just blew us away as they were more than we expected. So it has been an Amazing Year!

We’ve also learned that when something doesn’t work fix it, change it, or get through it as best you can. We’ve had our Kodiak repaired right after we started on this Journey and then some work done on our F350. We expect that as they are in constant use and often are in constant motion. A lot of the Highways and Roads have not been in the best condition and our Rigs have felt the brunt of that. So yes we’ve learned to fix and repair soon and quickly because you never know what is coming next. Be Prepared!!!

Are we tired? Yes we are and I think that is to be expected as we spent over 2 weeks going at full speed everyday and driving between 60 and 120 miles each day to visit my Mom or to do some errands that needed to be done. So are we taking it easy at this campground? Yes we are. We are recharging our batteries and so is Lily as we are getting ready to go Adventuring again.

What has this year taught us? Well it taught us to slow down, research each area we want to visit more extensively and plan our Journey and Adventures accordingly. That maybe we do need a Home Base where we can go for a short time to relax, repair and recharge our batteries before we head out again.

What’s our 2020 plans? So for 2020 we know we will be Based out of Missouri, Domiciled in Florida and living in our Kodiak. We plan to explore Missouri on the days we are not needed at Mom’s and discover all those Hidden Gems that we hope all of you will want to visit. So Our Future is So Bright We Almost have to Wear Shades!

Lily isn’t happy today as the squirrels keep dropping Hickory Nuts onto the Kodiak. It makes her a nervous wreck!

Mom’s having rain and that is keeping her happy. I am glad of that.

Today is Sunday and we are suppose to have rain. So another day of relaxing in the Kodiak works for me.

Hope all of you have a Peaceful Sunday.

Here’s to the Future may We all be Blessed!


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