Is It Fall Yet?


Good Morning!

My inner clock is telling me Autumn is upon us. I know it’s next month but the decorating for the late summer- early fall has me wanting my pumpkins and fall foliage to put around my Kodiak. Fall colors are some of my favorites and I love to use them everywhere I can in my decorating. They make our Kodiak so warm and inviting just like a home should feel. So my only Fall decoration is this one. I picked up this black watering can at Walmart and the 5 flower bunches at the Dollar Tree and I now have some Fall color in my life. So yes I am SMILING!

We did get the bikes down and took them for a spin around the park. It showed us just how out of shape we really are. That first hill was a pain and we ended up walking them up it. The rest of the hills were okay. It was fun and we did get some more pictures and video of the park.

Then Norm worked on videos and I set outside and enjoyed the peace and quite. Well it was peaceful until the Hickory nuts started slamming the roof of the Kodiak. I did enjoy watching the ducks. Then the flies decided to annoy me and I had to come inside to get away from them. Did you ever notice just how many flies can sneak inside when you aren’t looking? Just when you think you’ve gotten rid of them a new batch appears and the fly hunts start all over again. I can see why they were one of the plagues. They are just so annoying.

It’s over cast here and I’m not sure about the rain issue. We didn’t get any yesterday but it sure looks like we could today.

My day is really starting slow today. I know I have things I want to do and need to do but no energy to do them. Maybe I just need more coffee.

Hope all of you have a Pleasant Saturday filled with Family, Friends and Fun.





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